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Mark Milton

The Mark Milton collections are a range of stunning necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings for women.

Curated with loving care by Mark himself, each piece is designed for those with an eye for quality and a passion for design.

Every item in the capsule collections has been crafted using precious materials sourced by Mark, whose heritage is steeped in the jewellery making tradition.

That rich family history, which began in 1947 with the sale of a pearl in London’s jewellery quarter, continues to influence this contemporary range of modern jewellery, with careful craftsmanship at its core.

There’s a distinctive design edge to these collections that speaks for itself. Created and curated by Mark Milton, they showcase his unrivalled knowledge of each step of the jewellery-making process.

From timeless diamond pendants to bold statement cuffs, Mark Milton’s love of detail and commitment to his craft is what makes each of these pieces truly special.