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Our Beginning to Present Day

Full History
Our beginning until present day
Grandfather with Brooch
First established in the Jewellery Trade in the UK in 1947 ours is a Family Business with 8 decades of knowledge and experience. 3 generations of designing, creating, manufacturing, sourcing, curating and the distribution worldwide of beautiful Jewellery. In that time we have made millions of consumers happy yet it’s as true today as it was then that we care passionately about the quality of every single piece.
The 1940’s
My Grandfather Max arrived in London from Czechoslovakia at the age of nearly 50 starting his own business. Contacting the then important Czech jewellery industry and importing imitation pearls and Sillver Marcasite jewellery.
Joe Milton
On Max’s early death in 1954, his son-in law, my Father Joe stepped in. Charismatic with experience in international trade and a mastery of languages he was soon travelling the whole of Europe to find and import in bulk Silver and Gold Plated jewellery for the wholesale jewellery trade. In 1958 he joined the British Jewellers Assocation we have now been members continuously for over 60 years.
Joe built on his early success and expanded the business year on year, signing up exclusive agreements with substantial German factories from Pforzheim, in that era, centre of the jewellery world, then opening a factory for Gold jewellery here in London.
Joe Milton
One of the first to import from the Italian Gold industry Joe entered into a distribution agreement for the most successful chain factory in Italy. At the peak of the fashion for gold chain, distributing a tonne of gold per year in the UK. Having studied languages and served an apprenticeship at jewellery factories in Germany and Italy I joined my Father in the business in 1978.
Building all areas of the business, we were ahead of our time signing the first UK agreement with the most substantial Hong Kong factory of the moment. Our manufacturing plant was expanded too; at one point employing 30 with a further 30 in import distribution and sales.
See photo above of Advera House in 1985.
With my Fathers illness and untimely death we decided to refocus on supplying the independent retail trade. There followed two decades of renewed success and substantial growth. We sourced from new countries and experimented with design, gold colours and stones becoming a market leader in fashionable gold jewellery.
We boosted our export markets, expanding into Australia and New Zealand and evolving constantly with new product development and investment into state of the art systems.
Mark Milton
2010 to the present day: Has seen us build our online presence, supporting our network of Stockists in the countries where we trade. We have constantly updated and improved our technology and website to offer our complete current collection of 1000 9ct and 18ct Gold items both to the trade and the consumer in 4 different currencies.